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Adventure For Everyone - Taylor Park, Colorado

Colorado's Adventure and Fly Fishing Destination
Breathtaking Taylor Park, Colorado

The Ute Indians who summered there knew Taylor Park as the “valley of the gods”. They spent their summers in the park thriving on the bounty of food, protection and superb weather. This glorious park was overflowing with life-sustaining resources to those ancient inhabitants and still, today, offers a vast array of life-giving rewards to all who visit.

The first American man to enter this hidden gem-of-a-valley was James, "Jim" Taylor in 1859. Taylor prospected in the valley in 1863 and soon the park became known as Jim Taylor’s Park - later Taylor Park. He walked into the area from the early settlement of Granite. While searching for lost horses, he discovered the park and soon realized its potential for gold when he panned in Willow Creek with his tin cup. The Taylor Park-Tincup mining district was soon formed, gold was soon found throughout the valley and mines began to spring up everywhere. 

Starting with Taylor Park Reservoir and ending with hundreds of miles of off-road trails, Taylor Park is synonymous with Colorado adventure. From fly fishing the numerous streams and lakes to hiking through miles and miles of spectacular wilderness to camping in one of the many established Forest Service sites, there are life-giving adventures for everyone who makes Taylor Park their vacation destination. 

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